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Aras was trapped in Igdir Province of Eastern Turkey in mid-August. After being set up with a GPS transmitter and released back into the wild, we began receiving location hits on August 18.


September 25- October 13
Aras has stayed in the SE corner of Yemen over this time period, so far denying initial expectations that this bird would cross over the Straight of Bab-al-Mandeb into Africa (see Igdir's migration route). It still seems possible that Aras will cross into Africa in the weeks to come, but for now seems to be content in Yemen.


September 13-25
Aras continued southward migration flying to the coast of the Red Sea, then following the coastline to the south. In this 12 day time period, Aras covered well over 2,000 linear kilometers, crossing the extent of the Arabian Peninsula, ending up on the extreme SE corner of the Peninsula in Yemen. It was thought that Aras might cross over the Straight of Bab-al-Mandeb into Africa. Aras has traveled over 4,300 total km since being tagged.


September 10-13
During these 3 days, Aras covered nearly 800 linear miles, crossing through Syria, as well as parts of Jordan and Saudi Arabia.


August 28- September 10
By 9/5, Aras had flown nearly 200 km to the SE, crossing into Iran. On 9/6, Aras crossed back through southern Turkey and into northern Iraq. Aras then flew NW back into Turkey and then southward into Syria by 9/10.


August 18-28
Aras stayed close to where trapped, traveling relatively small distances within Igdir Province of Eastern Turkey.


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