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08/1/2017 Congratulations to our lab alumnus Dr. Mark Chynoweth for starting his tenure-track assistant professorship in wildlife ecology and management at Utah State University

06/26/2017 Congratulations to our lab member Evan Buechley for his Hawkwatch International postdoc on the conservation ecology of raptors in the Horn of Africa.

05/04/2017 Congratulations to our lab members Evan Buechley and Mark William Chynoweth for getting their Ph.D.s after doing stellar research under difficult field conditions!

04/25/2017 Watch our Turkey bear conservation ecology work on BBC's Turkey documentary.

3/31/2017 Our "badger buries cow" paper and video go viral with over 10 million views and is featured in Science, National Geographic, New York Times, NPR, USA Today, and Newsweek.