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10/26/2016 With geolocators, we tracked 27 gram great reed warblers' amazing intercontinental 11,000 km yearly cycle.

09/06/2016 We announce our new book "Why Birds Matter" at the World Conservation Congress.

8/24/2016 Our new UCP book "Why Birds Matter: Avian Ecological Function and Ecosystem Services" is now on Amazon.

7/26/2016 Our bird population biology research in Red Butte Canyon is on Utah Public Radio.

7/11/2016 Our latest article on vultures made the cover of Current Biology.

6/27/2016 We discovered world's first migratory brown bears in eastern Turkey. Read paper here.

6/6/2016 Our global overview of avian scavengers is the Editor's Choice for June, one of the most read papers and is featured in the Atlantic.

5/5/2016 Our new paper analyzing why some avian scavengers face extinction while others are booming is in the news.

05/03/2016 - Sekercioglu's interview on the award-winning songbird documentary "The Messenger" that features our lab's research.

4/14/2016 Şekercioğlu Q&A in Park City Film series, after a 6:30 PM free screening of “The Messenger,” a documentary about the world’s dwindling songbirds that also features our lab's research.

3/31/2016 Our collaborator Prof. Paul Beier of NAU is this week's department seminar speaker.