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12/03/2013 Sekercioglu was invited to an hour-long private meeting with Turkey's President Abdullah Gul to discuss his conservation and ecological research efforts in Turkey.

11/15/13 Our lab's bird conservation ecology research is in Audubon.

10/1/13 Our lab's work on effects of climate change on birds is featured in Audubon magazine

9/4/13 Our lab's bird conservation work in Turkey is featured in Audubon magazine

08/20/2013 Our research on using citizen science data to study the effects of climatic change on birds is in New York Times

08/02/2013 Sekercioglu's efforts to save eastern Turkey's richest wetland for birds is in Science. Read Listen

07/29/2013 Evan Buechley and Cagan Sekercioglu co-author a chapter on endangered species in Grzimek's Animal Life Encyclopedia.

7/13/2013 New paper out in PLoS One: Using citizen science data to model the distribution of common songbirds of Turkey under different global climatic change scenarios.

06/17/2013 New paper out in Plos One on identifying the world's most climate change vulnerable species.

6/1/2013 We have a new paper on Colombian birds with visiting professor Raf Aerts.

05/22/2013 Mark Chynoweth recently published a paper on the impacts of feral goats on Pacific islands

05/03/2013 Cagan Sekercioglu receives the Whitley Gold Award from Princess Anne.

05/01/2013 Cagan Sekercioglu is chosen as a National Geographic Risk Taker.

04/15/2013 Congratulations to Evan Buechley and Mark Chynoweth for getting NSF and TGLL fellowships.

03/25/2013 Documentary features conservation efforts of Evan Buechley.

02/20/2013 Prof. John Terborgh visits the University of Utah and holds a special seminar: Is Janzen-Connell a special case of keystone predation?

02/05/2013 Cagan Sekercioglu is giving a seminar at Harvard University Center for the Environment on "Turkey's Globally Important Biodiversity in Crisis."

02/04/2013 Sekercioglu is giving the monthly talk at the Nuttall Ornithological Club.

02/01/2013 Sekercioglu is in Boston to give 5 talks at Boston, Harvard, and Wellesley universities on the conservation ecology of the world's birds and Turkey's biodiversity crisis.

01/07/2013 Sekercioglu is teaching Ornithology this semester.

01/05/2013 Our lab's Red Butte bird banding and the visiting UU Shoshone-Goshute Youth Language Program (SYLAP) was on Turkish National TV (TRT).