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12/31/2011 Sekercioglu's National Geographic article on biodiversity conservation in Turkey.

12/29/2011 Our book "Winged Sentinels: Birds and Climate Change" is the "Book of the Year".

12/23/2011 Sekercioglu publishes in Science on Turkey's conservation crisis.

12/22/2011 Our Biological Conservation paper on biodiversity conservation in Turkey is in the New York Times.

12/03/2011 Our first lab visitor is collaborator Prof. Luc Lens. He liked the U so much, he is organizing a workshop here in April.

12/01/2011 Our comprehensive and up-to-date review of Turkey's biodiversity, habitats and conservation issues is out in Biological Conservation.

11/2011 Our new lab is complete and is looking great. Big thanks to Jose Rojas and the U crew who made it happen. Come visit.